Large enough to handle all your audits… small enough to know your name when you call.

SMSF Audit Link provide you with an independent SMSF audit solution.

Our firm was established in the Hills district of Sydney in 2010, in response to an ever-increasing need for specialised auditing expertise in the burgeoning self-managed super fund (SMSF) space.

The team at SMSF Audit Link speak your language. We work together with accountants, financial planners and administers of self-managed super funds to provide compliant, efficient and cost effective SMSF audit services.

Due to our vast experience, we often consult to accountants on variety of related topics – yet we never provide services directly to end-clients (the trustees of a SMSF). Our sole focus is on delivering a reliable independent audit, with quality control, on a guaranteed fast 3-5 day turnaround, with no surprises.

The benefits of using
SMSF Audit Link

Independent auditing

Accountants and advisors preparing financial statements for an SMSF receive an independent audit opinion from us that is free from any pressure and undue influence.

Quality control

Every audit we undertake is reviewed by the principal, and any area of weakness in financial control and / or compliance is identified and a report is forwarded to the accountant.

Fast turnaround –guaranteed

Provided all the required information is available to us, we are able to complete an audit within a working week and guarantee a 3 to 5 day turnaround.

No surprises

SMSF Audit Link is committed to delivering a consistent and efficient level of service to our clients at a fixed price – with absolutely no surprises, ever.

We’re easy to deal with and we don’t outsource or off-shore any auditing work whatsoever. Our friendly team is based in Sydney and growing, thanks to repeat business and referrals.

Specialist SMSF auditing expertise delivers real peace of mind.

Auditing SMSF is all we do and our team strives to provide advisors of SMSF trustees with peace of mind in governing superannuation funds. With over 30 years of collective staff SMSF experience, we’ve developed 610 checks (our audit program) to ensure that our audits pick up all legislative breaches by a fund.

Any breaches are then discussed with the advisor, and solutions are provided on how these breaches can be rectified by the trustees of the self-managed super fund. Furthermore, our audit program also gives a trusted ‘all-clear’ if there are none.

Our advanced in-depth knowledge is fundamental to how SMSF Audit Link provide our services. It’s also your guarantee that the super fund will run its day-to-day operations, even in the most complex of situations, without breaching any legislative requirement.

Why use
SMSF Audit Link?

Some Satisfied Customers

Some Satisfied Customers




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