Independent Audit Solution

SMSF Audit Link Pty Ltd was established in 2006 in response to the need for audit specialists in the burgeoning self managed super fund (SMSF) space.

We work together with Accountants, Financial Planners and SMSF Administrators to provide compliant, efficient and cost effective SMSF audit services.

Due to our vast experience, we often consult to accountants as SMSF Specialists on topics such as pensions, borrowing strategies, death benefits etc. We offer no investment advice and never provide any accounting or SMSF administration services to end clients directly, namely to the trustees of the SMSF.

Our Job

We strive to provide SMSF trustees via their advisors, peace of mind in governing their superannuation fund.

Our 60 years of collective staff SMSF experience has developed 610 checks (our audit programme) to ensure that our audit picks up all legislative breaches by the fund, if any. These breaches are then discussed with the advisor, with solutions on how they can be rectified by the trustees of the self managed super fund.

Our audit programme and the Intellectual knowledge of our audit partners and staff is “the core” to our services that differentiates us with other providers.

This advanced in-depth knowledge is fundamental to how we provide our services and it is your guarantee that the super fund will run it’s day to day operations even in the most complex situations without breaching any legislative requirement.

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Our Role as SMSF Auditor

Our planning, conducting and reporting on the financial and compliance audit of a SMSF is as per SIS Act and Regulations and second to none, which means that accountants and advisors can rely and trust us with the audit of most complex SMSF of their clients.

Literally, if we cannot complete an audit successfully, by identifying all or any of the breaches of the legislation, then chances are that no other ASIC approved auditor can. You are most welcome to call us and test our knowledge of any SIS Act or Regulation issue.

The SIS Act, subsection 35C(1), requires SMSF’s to be audited each financial year by an ASIC approved auditor, who must complete both the financial audit and the compliance audit and sign the auditor’s report before a SMSF may submit its Annual Return and income tax return to the Australian Taxation Office.

We take our role as an approved ASIC auditor in conducting SMSF audit engagements very seriously and the responsibility which is stipulated within legislation.

If you are an advisor and want the super funds of your clients squeaky clean, you need us.

Our Job

We are required under the SIS Act to

  • provide an auditor’s report on the SMSF’s operations for the year to the trustees in the approved form
  • report in writing to a trustee or the ATO, if we form an opinion in the course of or in connection with the performance of our audit of the SMSF, that:
    • any contraventions of the SISA or SISR, may have occurred, may be occurring or may occur in relation to the SMSF (section 129 of the SISA); or
    • the financial position of the SMSF may be, or may be about to become, unsatisfactory (section 130 of the SISA); and

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“SMSF Audits is our only business and we know how to do it well”

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    Once you are registered, you can add a fund which you want us to audit. You can add funds in bulk, that is more than one fund at a time, download this sheet to add details of all funds you want us to audit.

    Once the fund is added, you can download the trustee representation letter, audit engagement letter for your fund. These documents need to be uploaded after the trustees have signed them. We will let the previous auditor know that we have taken over the audit of the fund.


    Once a fund has been added, upload all permanent and yearly audit evidences and simply click a button for us to commence our audit.

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    You can log in at any time (24/7) from anywhere and download any permanent or audit evidence for your fund. If we have any queries or require a document from you, we will raise a query which you can answer on our online client portal.

    You can see the progress of our audit and once the audit is complete, you can download our audit report, management letter etc at any time (24/7) and lodge the superfunds’ income tax return.

    We do not recommend that you print our reports as they will remain on the system for the next 15 years, you can forward them to yourself or to the trustee email address etc. To see a summary of features of our client portal, click here.

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